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MUSIC TUITION AT WALTON HIGH- Walnut Tree Campus 2016/2017

Students can gain a huge amount of pleasure from learning to play a musical instrument - it can boost the development of a range of vital skills required across their whole curriculum and can also boost their confidence enormously.

Lessons are delivered by specialist staff from the Walton Partnership and MK Music Co-operative. We offer expert, dedicated and creative tuition on violin, viola, cello, oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drum kit and guitar. Other instruments may be taught, please contact the school for more information.

Lessons will be delivered during the school day with a timetable so students do not miss the same lesson each week. As part of the service you will receive a copy of the timetable and a music practice book. Timetables will be emailed to you.

We run a range of extra-curricular activities and concerts and we will actively encourage your child to participate in these.

We will deliver 34 lessons throughout the year during the school day. The cost of this tuition package is as follows:

30 minute individual lesson £170 per term

20 minute individual lesson £114 per term

Enclosed is the music contract for our records so that we can ensure your child receives the information and teaching necessary. We will contact you to confirm the start date and times of lessons. Please do not send any money with this form. You will receive an invoice you for lessons received.

If you have any more questions please contact the Subject leader for Music, Mr Paul Daggett at Walton High.

Financial Difficulties
If your child wishes to have music tuition but you anticipate problems in meeting the charges, please contact Sheila Bushnell, Bursar for advice.

Purchasing Music
For the purchase of sheet music, we recommend

Hiring Instruments
Walton High has a limited number of instruments that can be hired through the school.  Please contact the Subject Leader for Music for an application form.

Giving up music tuition
This should be regarded as being a last resort.  We would strongly urge your child to think very carefully before giving up.  Music is for life and there will inevitably be periods of negativity when a student will want to give up.  However students will be thankful in the long run when they carry on.  Please impress this on your child – music is a gift and an investment of time and money.
If there is a problem with lessons such as pieces, the teacher, equipment, times of lessons, etc., please do not hesitate to contact the Subject Leader for Music.

Attending lessons

  • It is the student’s responsibility to catch up on work missed during academic classes.
  • The student must ask for permission to leave the class lesson for music tuition, before the class lesson begins.
  • Any problems which the student may have with music lessons must be discussed with the Subject Leader for Music as soon as possible.
  • Music lessons may continue on days when special events are timetabled.  It is a student’s responsibility to attend lessons that day in negotiation with the teacher.
  • Lessons should also be arranged with the music teacher when there is to be a period absence.  In such cases, the teacher may give extra time prior to and after the absence in lieu if the time missed.

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    • Pay the appropriate termly lesson fee
    • Give one term’s notice of cancellation of lessons
    • Monitor my son/daughter’s progress by being aware of lesson times / repertoire / amount  of practise being undertaken
    • Sign the practice book on a weekly basis
    • Notify the Subject Leader for Music of any concerns as soon as possible
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Walton High Ski trip – 2017 – Radstadt, Austria

st1The first ever Walton High Ski trip took place during February half term in the lovely traditional Austrian Ski town of Radstadt, part of the large Ski Amade region.  On the departure day, the five staff and 35 students all arrived in school with their ski bags and the long build up was finally over.  We were all going skiing and we all couldn’t wait;  there was nervous excitement everywhere in the air.  At departure time 12.30pm on Friday 10h February, the tour bus was fully packed and we got a lovely send off from the large gathering of parents wanting to wave good bye to their sons and daughters from the front of the school.

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Bank of England visit

bbenglandOn Tuesday 31st January during the Advance Learning Day, a group of 46 Economics students from year 11, 12 and 13 went to visit the Bank of England in Central London. The day started with students having a tour and walk through of the museum where students got to hold a bar of gold, worth £385,000! Two year 11 students; Carl Coleman and Curtis Henry, managed to crack a code within the museum and win a reward!

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Yamaha Terms and Conditions

We have produced a set of guidelines to improve the level of service to all our students at the Yamaha Music Point. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions where appropriate.

FEES: Invoices for tuition are sent out in advance of each session. Payment must be made within 14 days. Failure to pay any invoice will automatically cancel any further tuition at the Music Point.

DISCOUNTS: There is a 10% discount for staff who work at MKET schools.  Also, if a student signs up for more than one instrument, the first instrument will be invoiced at full price, and any further instruments will have a 10% discount applied.  This also applies to more than one sibling signing up for lessons.

WITHDRAWAL FROM TUTION: A student can withdraw from tuition by giving four weeks written notice.

Written notice MUST be sent to the Principal Teacher of the Yamaha Music Point. VERBAL notification cannot be accepted. Termination of invoices and tuition will then take effect at the start of the next session.

CANCELLATION: The school cannot issue creditsfor lessons cancelled by STUDENTS. This is the policy of the Yamaha Music Point and applies to both Group and Individual lessons. Credits are given when a teacher cancels lessons and they are shown on the INVOICE for the NEXT session.

RESPONSIBILITY: The Yamaha Music Point acknowledges its responsibility for the supervision of students during lessons and that the parent is responsible at all other times.

Yr7 And Yr8 Mk Schools Rugby Tournaments

YR8 Rugby MK Schools Tournament ChampionsThis half term the YR7 and YR8 Rugby teams also played at the annual Milton Keynes MK Schools Tournament held at MKRFC. Both teams played at least four matches in a league based format. Both teams played well and scored plenty of tries with the YR7 team finishing runners up and the YR8 team winning the tournament undefeated.

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