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Aims and Objectives

Statement of Aims

Walton High is a centre of learning. We bring together traditional values of intellectual excellence and scholarship with innovation in learning styles. We enable our students to respond fully to the changing requirements of modern society. We believe in the fun and fundamentals of high quality learning.


For students

  • A secure, attractive, well-ordered environment in which students have ownership and responsibility
  • High quality teaching which motivates and challenges
  • High levels of achievement for all
  • An ethos which celebrates a broad range of academic and other achievements, and which recognises we each learn in different ways

For families and the wider community

  • A shared understanding of the schools mission and values
  • Clear communication over students' progress and achievements
  • Lifelong learning opportunities on the Walton High campus
  • Effective links with local business and commerce, sharing innovation
  • For Walton High staff and governors

    • High expectations of each others roles, clearly communicated
    • A flexible working environment which attracts, retains and motivates high calibre staff
    • Leadership and management which realise Walton High's ambitions as a school and learning centre
    • Monitoring and reporting on our performance against our aims

Code of Conduct

Walton High is a centre of learning. Every member of the Walton High community has the right to attend classes, take part in activities and to carry out their duties without being hindered by the behaviour of any other person or group.

In implementing this Code, Walton High will not accept any behaviour that intends to hurt or belittle someone else. There are no innocent bystanders when someone is being intentionally hurt by another person.

Students, staff, parents and governors at Walton High have a responsibility to see that this Code of Conduct works in practice.


Teaching and Learning Expectations

Walton High teachers are expected to:

    • Cover the content of the National Curriculum
    • Prepare students for tests and examinations
    • Set classwork and homework which meet the needs of all students
    • Mark students' work promptly and indicate how it can be improved
    • Present a range of learning materials and styles to challenge students
    • Provide necessary resources for students' learning


Walton High students are expected to

    • Attend school regularly and on time
    • Bring relevant books and equipment to each session
    • Do classwork and homework to the best of their abilities
    • Wear school uniform and be smart in appearance
    • Be polite and helpful to others
    • Look after Walton High's buildings and resources

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