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Overview of Walton High’s curriculum


KS3 Overview

IMAG1015Throughout Year 7 and 8 students will complete one project each term.  Within each project students will look at the work of others, observational drawing skills, use of imagination, experimentation of materials , development of ideas and a final piece bringing together what they have learnt.
We try to be as varied as possible throughout KS3 through the topics and use of materials to give our students a broad art education.

IMAG1032In Year 7 students will begin the term by looking at themselves and their hobbies and interests through a portraiture project.  This gives us an insight into our students so we can get to know them.  Students will then look at the work of another culture by looking at symbolism and pattern in our African art project.  Students end Year 7 by completing an illustration project that not only focuses on their art and design skills but also their literacy skills as we look at poetry and short stories.
In Year 8 students begin the term by looking at a darker side of art by focusing on their fears in a nightmares project; again enabling us to get to know our students better whilst developing their skills and enquiring minds.  Students will then move onto looking at sculpture and healthy eating through Pop Art; students are given the choice about materials they wish to use building on their independent learning.  Finally students end Year 8 by building on their observational drawing skills and painting skills through looking at Futurist artists. 

KS4 Overview


ben bamborough smith gcseWe work towards the AQA Art and Design specification at GCSE level.  Students will complete 5 projects over their GCSE course up to the December of Year 11. Students will choose at least 2 projects for their portfolio submission for unit 1 which is worth 60% of their GCSE.  Throughout each project students will cover the four assessment objectives as set out by AQA which are looking at contextual influences, experimentation of materials, observational skills and realising their intensions.  We make each project different through subject matter and use of materials to enable all students to reach their full potential.
gcseStudents begin their unit 2 from January in Year 11.  Students will pick a starting point given by AQA and will then ensure all assessment objectives are covered in their preparatory work.  This work is guided by their teacher but students will be able to choose the direction they want to go in.  Unit 2 culminates in a 10 hour exam where all aspects from their preparatory work is brought together in a final piece.
Throughout KS4 students are given support through thorough verbal and written feedback by their teachers, peer assessment, additional support given in art clubs afterschool and at lunchtimes.

A Level

We currently study towards the AQA Fine Art specification.
In year 12 students begin their course by completing two skills based projects to build up their observational skills and experimentation.  By term 2 students begin their final project based on an open starting point.  Students are encouraged to work independently and choose their own direction to make their project as personal and individual as possible.  Students will create a portfolio of work based on their projects. Students will be expected to look at the work of others, experiment with materials, draw from observation and realise their intensions.  In term 3 they will start the personal investigation which will continue into year 13.

In year 13 the personal investigation is a  extended portfolio project with a number of personal outcomes supported by extended writing. On the 1st February in year 13 students will start a externally set project with a 15 hour exam at the end in May.  Students will be able to use materials of their choice and will work towards their strengths developed throughout Year 12. 

Students are supported additionally through support sessions afterschool and at lunchtimes, holiday support days, verbal and written feedback by their teachers and peer assessment.


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