Last year Walton High consulted on whether there was sufficient demand to warrant the establishment of a dedicated bus service for students attending both the Walnut Tree and Brooklands campus.  At that time the number of parents indicating they would want their children to use this service was insufficient to make it financially viable.

However, as a result of Walton High’s popularity with parents and the success of its Post 16 provision, an increasing number of families living outside the school’s catchment area choose to send their children to the school. 

Whilst a pleasing number of children either walk or cycle school, many students travel to school either by public transport or car.  Due to the routes taken by buses, it can take some students up to an hour to travel a relatively short distance and at the end of the day the number of cars waiting to pick up students creates significant traffic congestion outside both campuses.  With nearly 200 more children attending the Brooklands Campus in September, this situation is only going to become even more challenging and when the bus lane on Fen Street becomes operational in the near future, there will be no parking on the road outside the school.  The need to rely on public transport also impacts on the punctuality of some students.  In response to requests from parents and students, Walton High is again investigating the possibility of running a bus service.  

At a time of significant pressure on school budgets, Walton High will not be able to subsidise any bus service so it must be self-funding to be viable.  Based on quotes provided by the bus companies last year, and assuming nearly all seats are occupied, it is estimated that the service will cost between £15 and £20 per week. 

As students travel to Walton High from across Milton Keynes, we are consulting on three potential bus routes (see maps).   The buses will keep to the main roads with the Blue and Red routes using bus stops on the grid roads as pick up points:

Yellow route:  Little Brickhill – Bow Brickhill – Aspley Guise – Woburn Sands – Walnut Tree Campus – Brooklands Campus -  Download Map

Blue route: Bletchley – Fenny Stratford – Beanhill – Ashland / Netherfield – Simpson – Tinkers Bridge – Walnut Tree Campus – Brooklands Campus - Download Map

Red route: CMK – Fishermead – Springfield – Campbell Park – Downs Barn / Downshead Park – Pennyland / Bolbeck Park – Willen Park / Willen – Brooklands Campus – Walnut Tree Campus - Download Map

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This consultation has now closed.

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