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The English curriculum area aims to provide students with a secure understanding of the English language which is a vital skill for life. We aim to foster an enthusiasm for exploring language in all its forms and to promote a lifelong love of literature. We believe that creative, cultural and critical literacy are a fundamental part of the learning experience and that strong literacy skills are an essential foundation for future success.

Welcome to EnglishStudents are encouraged to develop the knowledge, skills and learning behaviours essential for achievement in English. We strive to imbue students with the tools to become highly competent, ambitious and innovative communicators, enabling them to become resilient and resourceful members of the wider community.

In Year 7, students alternate between Language and Literature each half term. In Year 8, students have different teachers for Language and Literature.

Reccomended Reading BoardEach half term, there is a literacy focused event in the library centred around themes such as Halloween, Christmas and Storytelling. These events provide excellent opportunities for students to enjoy consolidating and developing their skills.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students develop a strong foundation for GCSE study. They read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts including pre-1914 and contemporary prose, poetry and drama. Students develop their ability to write imaginatively and accurately for different purposes and audiences.
KS3 Class Readers
Key Stage 3 students have a fortnightly lesson in the library in which they enjoy personal reading time as well as pursuing individual and group projects, such as the Reading Race and writing literary reviews for the online forum.
The set texts students will read is outlined below:
Year 7
  • War Horse – Michael Morpurgo
    • The Tempest – William Shakespeare
    • A Christmas Carol
Year 8
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Play adaptation by Adrian Flynn)
  • Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
  • Hamlet – William Shakespeare
  •   KS3 Wordsearch  KS3 Magic    KS3 Student Work  

Key Stage 4

From September 2015, all students will study for both English Language and English Literature GCSE qualifications with the AQA examining body. Through their studies, students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of modern and literary heritage prose, drama and poetry. They also have the opportunity to explore a variety of non-fiction texts which allows them to critically analyse language in context and writer’s perspectives. The breakdown of assessment for each GCSE is included below:
KS4 Maggot Moon Poster

English Language:
Unit 1: Understanding and producing non-fiction texts
60% Exam
Unit 2: Speaking and Listening
Reported as a separate grade
Unit 3: Understanding spoken and written texts and writing creatively
40% Controlled assessment

English Literature:
Unit 1: Exploring modern texts
45% Exam
Unit 2: Poetry across time
30% Exam
Unit 3:The significance of Shakespeare and the English literary heritage
25% Controlled assessment
KS4 Student Work  KS4 YR 9 Board  KS4 YR 11 Poetry  KS4 YR 10 Colour

Key Stage 5

At Walton High, we offer the AQA specification B AS and A Level in English Literature. Through their studies, students are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of modern and literary heritage and other cultures prose, drama and poetry.
Through their studies students will learn how to structure academic analysis and comparison of the texts they study. They will also learn to draw on and reference a range of critical theory in order to support their interpretations. The course is a highly sought after and academic qualification which requires a high proportion of independent reading.
The breakdown of assessment for each year of study is included below:

AS Level:
Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative
60% Exam
Unit 2: Dramatic Genres
40% Coursework

A2 Level:
Unit 3: Texts and Genres (Gothic Literature)
60% Exam
Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading
40% Coursework
KS5 Gothic Board KS5 YR 12 Board

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