photocomp2018We are pleased to announce the details for the 2018 photography competition.  The competition has two categories – Portraits and Reflections.  On this page you will find a brief outline of the types of photography that could be included, these categories are open to your interpretation and we look forward to viewing a diverse range of images. 

Photographs that portray people, expressing the personality and identity of the subject – this could include portraits of friends & family members, self-portraits, portraits of people in their surroundings, the images could be formal, posed or informal and candid.

Photographs of reflections of any object, person, animal or location framed in an interesting way. Reflections can be recorded through water, mirrors or any shiny and reflective surface - be as creative as possible with your composition to pick out shapes, colours and textures.

Age Groups

Under 13’s / Under 16’s / 16 +

Closing date 9 July 2018
• Entries can be black & white or colour.
• A maximum of 2 photographs can be entered in each category


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