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Our third Spanish exchange programme at WH has been the most successful so far. This is what we had hoped this experience would become when we started it in June 2014. It’s thanks to the dedication of parents and students in both countries that has made this programme what it is today. An opportunity to spend time with exchange partners has led to a new approach and motivation to learn languages, enabling students in both countries to use their classroom knowledge in real-life settings.

Mr Sanchez will soon start organising this year’s exchange programme. Still unsure about whether to go or not? Here are some parents’ and students’ comments from this year’s exchange:

I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about the exchange, to do it. Not only to do it but to make the most of it and enjoy it, because I have made some memories with people I am going to see many times even after the exchange. So take the opportunity even if you were having bad grades like me. Do the exchange, because I was getting U’s and I’m now speaking fluent Spanish in lessons.

E.M (Y11)

IMG 0925In those ten days, I not only gained a Spanish best friend, but learnt and developed very much myself: You live abroad as an independent person, communicating with new people miles away from where you come from, on a fresh slate with limitless possibilities as to where this new beginning could take you. You are away from the influences of everyday life and as you discover a new place you almost definitely discover a new part of yourself. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, younger or older.

C.G (Y10)

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I know that this isn't a chance a lot of schools in England offer, so I was compelled to take part, even against any fears or worries I had at the time. I will always be truly thankful to the people who arranged the trip for opening up my world and allowing me to explore Spanish culture, as well as gain a true friend.  If I really could, I would surely do it all over again.

C.R. (Y11)


Thank you for organising the exchange. It has been a great experience for my child, and all involved seem to have had a really fun couple of weeks, both here and in Spain.
I hope you can continue to offer the exchange to future students as I am sure it has benefitted my child’s Spanish and has given him a real enthusiasm for Spain.

Mrs S.

IMG 2876As a family we have also benefitted from the exchange as I can now say a few words in Spanish too. I really hope this has made a lifelong friendship for my child and his exchange partner and we are already planning another swap next summer. Again thanks for all of your help.

Mrs M.

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