Students from across the school took part in a percussion masterclass led by legendary Status Quo’s drummer, Jeff Rich. Over 200 students were invited to watch and take part as Jeff led students on a journey through the history of percussion instruments, demonstrating an exciting array of African and European drums. He spoke of his time in Status Quo and the hard-word, dedication and commitment required to make it as a musician. Students were invited onto the stage to try out various instruments including his very own drum kit! Jeff performed an inspiring drum solo before inviting almost all of the students to stage at once to take part in a huge percussion ensemble. Many students left with a new-found interest in drumming and music performance and everyone came away with an experience they are sure to never forget.

Inspired by the event, Walton High members of the band ‘3 Minute Warning’ recorded a performance along with some of their thoughts on the day. Watch the video here:

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