On 3 January Team Fusion takes their plan into action and visits Milton Keynes Recycling centre.

Our young enterprise team took off on a trip down to Milton Keynes Recycling Centre. We took off time on our INSET day as we eagerly wanted to learn more about the recycling production. During the afternoon we discovered more about where our rubbish goes and how it gets separated.

Sarah, who is a part of the Milton Keynes Council, took us around the building and explained in depth about what impacts recycling has on our daily lives; how much food is thrown away on an average and how much food waste and recycled materials gets taken to the centre.

On this educational trip, we’ve learned about all of the different sacks and which waste products should go in each one of them. We also learned about the different methods that the Centre use with their machines to categorise the materials which we found very interesting especially when looking around during the tour given to us.

For most of our group this was a learning curve as we learned to pay more attention to the objects we put in each sack and whether the objects we are “recycling” can actually be recycled. Overall the students who went and participated on the trip really enjoyed learning more about food waste and how it all gets consumed and separated.

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