IMG 0022Monday 31st October 2016 will remain a date of huge significance in the history of Walton High; the Brooklands Campus opened its doors for the first time to students. This £25million state of the art learning environment was finally ready to be occupied by its first cohort of Years 7-9. What had originally been planned as a six week summer holiday of unloading, unpacking and assembling had to be condensed into the October half term. Thanks to an enormous effort by staff and Walton High’s Post-16 students, everything was ready in time.

Although only 3 months have passed, the impact of the high quality education provided is already evident. Everyone has settled in well and the most is being made of the opportunities afforded by the excellent facilities.

Haider Kazmi: “Along with other students, I helped to design the Café. We were shown some proposals and we influenced the layout and the colour scheme. I’m really proud of what we have achieved. We also helped create a plan for how the Independent Learning Area (ILA) will ultimately look.

“The school is very modern and the technology is excellent. Every classroom has a large smart board; its interactive features really help our learning.”

Natalia Walenciejczyk: “Brooklands is very attractive. I’m interested in sports and the facilities and opportunities here are great. I’m joining lots of clubs.”

Josh Hallam: “The school is well equipped with all the things we need to learn; both inside and outside the classroom. We try and make the most of them and are encouraged to take up activities we have not done before. At lunchtime we can go to the ILA if we have some work to complete.”

Narthika Sivaloganathan: “There is lots of space; I really enjoy it here. All the teachers are approachable and are willing to run sessions after school if there is anything we need help with.”

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