DSC 1661Once again Year 11 students at Walton High are celebrating excellent GCSE grades across a range of subjects.

Despite increased rigor in English and Maths, 65% of students achieved the new pass level in both.  40% of students achieved at least one or more A*, A, 8 or 9 or Double Distinction grades showing they really are achieving at the highest levels. Celebrating today was Sampurna Ganguly who achieved straight 9s in her English Language, English Literature and Maths results, 6 A* grades and 3 As.  Salpurna is returning to Walton High’s Post 16 to study English Language, English Literature, History and Music. Joining in the celebrations were Alice Miller (8,8,9; 8 A*; 1A); Kamran Arora (8,7,9; 6 A*; A,A,A); Georgina Lee (8,7,9; 5 A*; A,A,A); Chun Hay Tang (8,9,9; 5 A*, A,A,B); Irene Obaseki (8.9.7; 3 A*, A,A,A,A, B) and Kiera Evans (9,8,7; 2 A* and 7 A grades).

Congratulating all of the students for their hard work and commitment, Michelle Currie, Executive Principal said: “At a time of significant change in education, students, along with their parents and their teachers, should feel very proud of their achievements and we wish them continued success in the future.” 

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