From September 2014 you will be starting your KS4 courses; the next three years will be very important in your school life. To plan appropriately for this exciting stage, please read through the online Key Stage 4 booklet. Make sure you take every opportunity to raise questions and discuss ideas with your parents and teachers.

Join Walton High Programming Club, every Thursday after school. By learning to program, you can have a say in how software shapes our world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills. Click here to find all the resources that will be used at the club's sessions.

Recently released government school performance tables rank Walton High in the top 1% of schools for the progress students make between Key Stage 2 (Year 6) and the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 11). This exceptional progress is the result of students' excellent behaviour for learning and the expertise of their teachers that brings out the very best in all students. The School's Minister, David Laws MP, has written to the school to especially congratulate staff on the progress made by students eligible for free school meals. The performance of this group of students was ranked in the top 108 schools nationally.

The achievements of Post 16 students studying vocational courses (just under half of all students at Walton High) was equally impressive, with the school ranked 38th in the country. Walton High has an inclusive approach to Post 16 admissions which enables students to study A level courses with lower GCSE grades than many other schools. Despite this approach to entry into Post 16, the proportion of students achieving AAB grades or higher in the subjects favoured by the top universities was in line with that achieved by schools nationally. This resulted in a high proportion of students progressing to the country's leading universities, including Oxbridge.

The Executive Principal, Michelle Currie, said “I am enormously proud of the achievements of Walton High's students and staff. It is really pleasing to see the outcomes of their hard work reflected in such high national rankings in a wide range of qualifications. The skills and attributes that students have developed as a result of such a high quality education will stand them in good stead throughout their lives and we look forward to hearing of their future achievements. Whilst not complacent, it is important that we recognise and celebrate such outstanding achievement.”

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