Air House

Millie Lavis 9ATC

Millie is a positive role-model for all students in Air house. She is a committed student who takes part in numerous extra-curricular activities. She is well mannered, well behaved and hard working in all subjects.

Vivek Bilous 7ACR

Vivek is positive in everything he does. He asks for harder work in maths as he doesn’t feel he is being stretched. He always helps his form tutor during tutor time and has also been an integral part of the student voice since September and is an excellent ambassador for the school.

Callum Barnes 10APA

Callum is such a motivated, ambitious and conscientious student. Callum consistently attains perfect reports in all subject and all aspects. He gets involved with everything from school productions (he was in Guys and Dolls), to helping with the KS3 science club. His motivation and enthusiasm is infectious and a great all round student.

Nathalie Darko-Boateng 10AZL

Nathalie has 100% attendance and ia an excellent role model for younger students in her tutor group. She is hardworking, conscientious, polite and one of the most helpful students.

Earth House

Tom Newby 8EGM

Tom is a fantastic role model during lessons with regards to behaviour, effort and attitude. He volunteers with Mr Eyre's cluster clubs: leads warm ups & participates in sessions. A fantastic and well deserved representative for Earth house.

Blessing Abiola 10ERP

Was a member of the Student Council already, presenting the student body. She received all ones on her latest report. She attends after school clubs and support sessions to further her education and is an outstanding student who is passionate about representing Earth house.

Dominic Kent 11 ECM

Very Polite young man, who exhibits outstanding effort in all lessons and is always willing to help. He is also a School Rugby ambassador for the school and a great representative for the house.

Jasmine Hathalia 9ESB

A quite individual that often goes under the radar but when checking reports has never got a red flag for equipment/homework/effort. She has been on time to every single lesson from the start of September and follows all expectations that a Walton High student should.

Fire House

Enya Savage 11FRW

Enya is a positive, caring and conscientious student who works hard in all areas. she launched the student newspaper and has been working with the student voice team this year.

Aaron Omar 10FKB

Aaron is kind, caring, respectful, hard-working, intelligent, resilient, benevolent, responsible, reliable and a wonderful role model fo other students.

Lizzie Nicholls 8FKE

Lizzie leads by example and tries hard at everything she does inside and outside of school. She is a true inspiration to her tutor group and fellow class mates.

Kamal Amaoko7FEB

Kamal made an excellent start to Walton High. He has been an exceptional member of the tutor group, making many thoughtful contributions. Kamal has shown time and time again to be an excellent student.

Water House

Raam Pankhania 10WPG

Raam explained to His tutor that he was really excited to be nominated for the role and wanted to represent the house. He is a popular student who plays in the school’s football team as a GK. He has certainly looked to be more focused on his studies this year compared to last year.

Jamilia Kwajah-Elimah 10WRM

Since arriving at Walton high she has been in the house council and student voice. She wanted to challenge herself and to use the skills she has learnt here at Walton High to be an effective house captain. 

Jordan Williams 11WDM

He is a model student, academically very successful and popular among his peers. In his time at Walton High his conduct, effort and application in lessons has been excellent and has developed his skills of organisation and communication effectively. He is a very polite and approachable student who prides himself on working to his best and challenging himself to be better.

Fee Teng-Liew 11WRM

She is a very talented and gifted sports woman who through her drive and natural ability has represented Walton High and herself at local, national and international level in Badminton. She has shown that to be a successful athlete she has to be a successful student and has not let he studies drop in standards even when she has been abroad at international badminton tournaments. She is role model in how to balance extra-curricular, external school commitments with her studies. A very polite, well-spoken and popular student who aspires to be the best in everything she does. 


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