Many people want to know how the Trust is going to operate and how to help raise funds for the school. The following list of Frequently Asked Questions provides some of the answers.

If you can't find an answer to your question here, let us know and we will post appropriate additional information here.

What is the Walton High Venture Trust?

This is the Charity set up by the Friends of the School  to manage our fundraising activities and to ensure that the money raised is allocated to projects within the school.

What was the first major goal of the Trust?

To collect and hand over £50,000 to the school by the end of August 2003, so that we can meet our fundraising commitments under the Business and Enterprise status agreement. In the end we raised £28,000 directly with other money raised in other ways from Walton High Business partners

Why do we need a charitable trust?

Under government regulations, recognised Charities can claim back tax paid by individual donors under a scheme known as GiftAid. For every £10 a standard tax payer gives to charity the trust can claim an additional 28% from the Inland Revenue - that's a total donation of £12-80. So £5000 of donations from parents results in approximately £1,400 additional contribution from the public tax system.

Who are the Trustees of the Charity?

The deed of Trust makes provision for 5 Trustees. These are: 3 current members of the Governing Body of Walton High and two co-opted trustees who can be a person who is or was employed at Walton High or a person over the age of 18 who is attending or was attending Walton High as a student . 

What happens to the funds that are raised?

There is always a need for Fundraising. As a school committed to maximising the use of the buildings to the benefit of the whole community, we have a series of imaginative initiatives which cost money.
These activities benefit everyone, as they include schemes in conjunction with other local schools, community education facilities and "8 ´til late" opening and activities for the students. Added to this we have the Advanced Learning Days, Short courses and educational trips and visits, which all add to the expense of providing a rich, varied and stimulating experience for every child.
Over and above all this, we will be making funds raised available as grants to staff and students for projects which deliver educational benefit- either to an individual or a group. For details of this please refer to the Grant Application pack.

Why can't the school get income from other sources?

The school expends a lot of time and effort in applying for other funding sources. However schemes like the Lottery-backed "New Opportunities Fund" (NOF) are heavily oversubscribed. Added to this the socio-economic factors used by NOF to decide which schemes to support are heavily stacked against the profile of Walton High and the surrounding community.

What can I do to help?

There are many ways to help. We hope that many parents and friends will continue to support us by making regular charitable donations via Standing Order through their bank or through the Give as you Earn scheme which many larger employers implement.
If you can´t guarantee regular donations, we can also accept ad hoc donations made through the Student Services desk within the school. (Please put any donation in an envelope marked "The Treasurer, Walton High Venture Trust”.)

What else can I do?

You can help us by giving us some of your time: all of these events take time and require volunteers to organise and run them. Remember every hour of organisation put in by staff is an hour less of their time being dedicated to teaching your children or managing the school.

Who decides how the money is spent?

The deed of trust specifically mandates a system in which any member of WH (staff or students) can bid for a grant to fund a project. This may be for additional equipment, grants towards visits or trips, or any other activity or expense which has an intrinsic "educational value".
Please see the Grant Application pack for details.


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