Walton High Venture Trust from time to time runs fundraising events (willing volunteers and good ideas permitting!). These will be advertised around the school and on the school web page. If you can give time or have an idea for a good event please let us know by using the contact page on this web site.
Additionally we would like you to consider making a regular donation to the Trust, as these can be used very effectively to claim money from HM Revenue and Customs using the Gift Aid Scheme.

If you would like to make a donation, please use the form below:


MS-Word-2-icon Donation Form


Gift Aid

This is a scheme which gives to the charity the amount of tax you have paid on the donation made.  For example on a donation of £10, the Venture Trust can claim an additional £2.50 from the HM Revenue and Customs.  Many people set aside a small amount of their income to give to charity, and we urge Walton High parents and supporters to consider giving a share of this money to the Venture Trust, where it will be used in the education of the children of our community.

There are several ways of making the best out of Gift Aid:

  • A regular payment direct to the charity via a Standing Order. 


  • A one-off donation by cheque or via Virgin Money Giving
  • A payment through a government scheme called "Give As You Earn", which is similar to the tax "Pay as you Earn" scheme, but the gift is made by a deduction from your salary, so that both donation and related tax payments are passed to the charity directly. Your company payroll department will be able to advise you further on this option. 
  • Sponsored Events: There are many public events, like the London Marathon, where participants join in and use the opportunity to collect sponsors in aid of a deserving cause. We would certainly like to hear from parents and students who would like to make the Walton High Venture Trust the beneficiary of any such activity. We can supply Sponsor Forms for you that will also allow us to claim Gift Aid tax refunds from HM Revenue and Customs

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