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Mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline that is essential to everyday life. It is critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. The study of mathematics provides a foundation for understanding the world and making a positive contribution to society. 

At Walton High we want our students to be functionally numerate, to reason mathematically and to apply mathematical techniques to solve problems in a variety of contexts. Through exciting and challenging learning opportunities we hope to instil in our students an appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics and a sense of curiosity and enjoyment about the subject.

Key Stage 3

At Walton High Key Stage 3 Mathematics is a two year programme which aims to provide students with numerical and basic algebraic fluency together with a foundation in solving problems in mathematical and non-mathematical contexts.

At the Walnut tree campus we have two sets, each student follows either a ‘Core’ or ‘Higher’ pathway, depending upon which one will allow the best level of progress for that student. At the Brooklands campus students are taught in mixed ability sets.

The topics that is covered in year 7 (walnut tree) and year 8 (both campus) are as follows:

Year 7 Maths Year 8 Maths

Using number


Working with numbers




Coordinates and Graphs





Area and Perimeter



3D shapes

Statistics and interpreting data

Working with numbers



Congruent shapes


Fractions and decimals



Algebra – equations and formulae


Interpreting data


2D and 3D shapes including surface area and volume


Comparing data

Year 7’s at the Brooklands campus will be studying the Mathematics Mastery programme from September 2017. This programme has an engaging and accessible style of mathematics teaching, inspired by Singapore and Shanghai.

For further information about the transition from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 mathematics, the essential knowledge that we expect students to have at this level and the changes in the new curriculum please see the presentation from the Year 7 information evening

Key Stage 4

At Walton High we follow a 3-year Key Stage 4 programme using AQA’s new Mathematics GCSE. Each student follows either a ‘Foundation’ or ‘Higher’ pathway, depending upon which one will allow the best level of progress for that student.

The content of the course is organised into broad topic areas, the weightings of which are set out in the table below.

Topic Area
Foundation Tier (%) Higher Tier (%)
Number 25 15
Algebra 20 30
Ratio 25 20
Geometry 15 20
Probability and Statistics 15


The topics that are covered in each year group are as follows:

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Basic number

Factors and multiples


Algebra - equations

Fractions, percentages and Decimals


Collecting and representing data


Area and perimeter


Ratio and proportion


Scatter graphs

Pythagoras’ theorem

Real life graphs


Standard form


Standard form




Similarity and congruent shapes

Quadratic equations

Rearranging formulae

Area and volume

Properties of polygons


Averages and spread

Statistical measures

Probability and Venn diagrams

Simultaneous equations

Ratio and proportion

Direct and inverse proportion

Functions and formulae

Equations of lines

Sketching graphs

Circle theorem

Solving equations

Exact solutions

Estimation and approximations



Construction and loci

Volume and surface area

Gradient and area under curve

Rates of change

Growth and decay

Algebraic proof

Key Stage 5

As well as A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics we also offer level 3 Core Mathematics and a comprehensive programme for our re-sit students who either want to pass their GCSE maths or want improve their grade.

In level 3 Core Mathematics students learn about real life uses of Mathematics. This will be done by exploring calculations involved in personal finance and how Statistics is used by companies to check the quality of goods sold.

Further information on level 3 Core Mathematics can be found on this website:


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