bankofenglandald11819On 16 October for our ALD, Year 12 and 13 Economics students travelled to London to visit the London School of Economics (LSE) and Bank of England.   Visiting the LSE, students discovered the courses on offer and got a taste of what university life is like. They were given a tour of the small city campus by two undergraduate students, exploring the outstanding facilities available at a world renowned university.

bankofenglandald118192After the visit to the LSE, our students proceeded to the Bank of England Museum where they learnt about the history of the Bank and its role in the macroeconomy. A presentation was delivered to them from a Bank official, providing insights into central bank's responsibilities, history and monetary policy as well as its gold reserves. Year 13 economics student Adam commented “we had a fantastic day learning more about the central bank, monetary policy and the history of the Bank of England as well as potential degree courses in the Social Sciences and the LSE. Thank you to Mr Wright for organising such a great ALD!”

On Tuesday 16 October, Year 11 were given the opportunity to experience a day as a Post-16 student. Students were invited to dress in smart clothes and attend lessons for their chosen subject pathways.

Media Mr Gay andDropping in to a lesson on the creative pathway, we were pleased to see some of our current Year 13 students volunteering to assist in their subject areas. Hannah Cromblehome had volunteered for Art and was presenting her sketchbook work, going on to explain how her project had developed over the last school year. We also stopped by to look at a Media lesson, to see Mr Gay teaching the students about editing. For some of our students this would have been the first time using Adobe Premier Pro editing software. We also briefly stopped by Mr Lavertey’s Performing Arts lesson, where he was running a workshop on how to get into character.


ChemistryFor students who had chosen a more scientific pathway, several practical experiments had been set up in the Science Labs. In Chemistry, students did a practical test for alkenes and halide ions. The Biology practical included looking into enzyme reactions in liquidised celery and the pragmatic and nurturing pathway students took part in the BTEC Science taster session, carrying out a chromatograph on plant leaves. More of our current Year 13 students Charlotte Ratcliffe, Georgina Lee were spotted sporting laboratory coats and goggles to assist with the science lessons as the day went on.  Ewen Shackel, Alice Miller and Chun Hay Tang had also been seen helping in an advisory capacity in Further Maths, where the class were learning about Imaginary and Complex numbers.

Product DesignFor students who had chosen the practical pathway, they were able to take part in a Product Design lesson, where they received a brief to design a piece of furniture, and produce a prototype within the time limit of the lesson. This pushed students to think on their feet and allowed them to familiarize themselves with the equipment in the workshops. 

For students who had taken the nurturing pathway, they were able to get an idea of what to expect in Health & Social Care by participating in a carousel of activities based on the different units taught within the subject. We saw Rachel King assisting one group with the impacts of nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet.

Geography 2Finally I was able to stop by a Geography lesson, available for students who had chosen the investigative or methodical pathways,  where Dillon Gill kindly helped Mr Watson lead a question race on glacial systems where students split into teams and raced to answer the most questions as accurately and quickly as possible.

We would like to thank all the Year 13 students that have volunteered to help during this ALD event, along with all the staff that participated to make the day as enlightening and informative as possible, with the goal of helping Year 11 feel more confident with choosing their subjects for sixth form or college.

500 3Students at both campuses had an exciting and inspiring day on the first of our ALDs this year.

Year 7 students took part the ‘500 Words’ activity run by the English department. This is part of a nationwide competition being run by Radio 2 that students can submit their entry to.
The day was designed to inspire writing about a topic of the students’ choice. Some highlights from the day included stories from space, a fire who kept getting into trouble and a mystery in the woods! Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of positive feedback!

Big congratulations to our students Lizzie and Eildh who won the first round of the School’s Parliamentary Debate Competition last night. They are now through to the Semi Final on 16 November and one step closer to the finals at the Houses of Parliament in December!

 The Competition is non-Party political. Teams consist of two students from years 10 to 13. They are required to expound views they do not necessarily hold, for the sake of debate and motions chosen are designed to be topical. Marks are awarded for debating skills and style as well as the substance of the argument. We are incredibly proud of them and wish them luck in the next round.


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