Grace Woodman Eve KnightsAs the Post-16 performance tables for 2018 are published, Walton High is once again celebrating the excellent outcomes and exceptional progress of our young people.

With regard to progress in Academic subjects, Walton High is delighted to be ranked in the top 2% of schools nationally and to have outperformed all other local providers in an area that includes both grammar and selective independent schools.

Student progress in A levels is also resoundingly positive with Walton High once again rated as the top provider in this region.

Michelle Currie, Executive Principal said: “Walton High is proud to be a school that promotes the personal growth and academic success of our young people across a range of pathways. The progress made by students is testament to the ambition, commitment and resilience we seek to foster in our students and the expertise of their teachers. ”

Walton High’s Computer Science and ICT students were proud to take part in “Computer Science Week”. Along with other schools and top tech international and national firms taking part. This is the sixth year running that Walton High has taken part.


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GOOGLE6Our Post-16 Computer Science/IT students had a great opportunity given to them at the @Google careers event which was well represented by famous leading IT and Tech multinational companies.

Students had the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with representatives from top technology employers, the recruitment team and current apprentices, and took part in unique interactive sessions, all aimed at helping kick-start their career after sixth form. Apprenticeships provided by the partner companies at the event covered areas such as software development, digital marketing, project management, digital and technology solutions and infrastructure technology.

The employability networking event enabled our students to gain first-hand information from recruiters on what their apprenticeships involve, advice on their application processes, and useful hints and tips that they can’t find online.

The event was also advantageous for them as including their attendance on their CV and application can enable their application to be fast tracked through an event partner’s application process.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had these comments:

GOOGLE3“The trip to Google was fantastic. It gave me an unbelievable insight into one of the biggest companies in the world, and was an opportunity that I won't be forgetting anytime soon.”- Sameer 

"The trip to the Google careers fair was invaluable as it provided me with the key tricks and tips needed to stand out against the competition. 100% would recommend." - Charlie

"I found that the Google career event really informative and it was interesting to learn about the different companies that provide the different apprenticeships, and also how the businesses work. I really enjoyed it and I am now applying for some apprenticeships. They have also encouraged me to be confident with the career path that I want to proceed with."- Babrina

“By attending @Google IT careers event our students proved that they were the type of students the event partners are looking for. They have secured express invites to other future IT events. They made me proud.” - Ms Edike (Subject Lead teacher CS/IT)

Google and the events planner were very impressed with the enthusiasm, charisma and interest shown by our students at the event.



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