dodgeballchamp17 18largeOur U14 Boys Dodgeball team went to the MK Schools Tournament with Miss Ingram and won it in emphatic style. They had to play all the other schools there and won 10 (out of a possible 12) legs of two minute long Dodgeball games.

Our team were a real mix of sizes, proving that not just the biggest and strongest win at Dodgeball. Dodgeball is fast and furious, but also a very tactical game, if played in the right way.

Miss Ingram was extremely happy with all of them for their enthusiasm, team work and desire to win. She awarded Juon Ohno “Player of the Tournament” for his outstanding ability to catch the ball and launch himself in all directions!

The team were Juon Ohno, Ahmad Dawas, Callum Elias, Romano Cinquemani, Jamie Estick, Will Crombleholme and Francis Ashley. They are pictured at the end of the tournament with their certificates.

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