year12inductionOn the Monday 2 July, after having finished their Year 11 exams, potential Year 12 students were invited to experience Walton High Post 16 for Induction. The two taster days began with a 45 minute assembly held by Mrs Read, whereby she outlined Post 16 as a whole in terms of school expectations, roles of staff, the dress codes and what to expect from their time here. Later on, the induction students were given the opportunity to try out their chosen subjects before taking them on in September.

In the Post 16 Study Area there were displays and noticeboards designed to help students realise the change in work ethic as well as the step up from GCSEs to A-level such as the importance of independence in higher education and homework for each subject which they could do during their independent study periods.

On Tuesday towards the end of their induction, all of the students were invited to a short goodbye message from Mrs Read on the Post 16 decking and shortly after, two musical acts were performed by Sampurna Ganguly and Georgina Lee. In addition, there were many activities set up on the decking to conclude their induction week; these activities included a Tin Can Alley, Jenga, Giant Bubbles, Giant Dominoes and even a Photo Booth where students could take some memorable photos.

Induction this year was a great success and we look forward to welcoming our visitors back in September.

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