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Walton High students continue to receive a quality geographical education.

The SGQM is a prestigious award that recognises quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools. All of the awarded schools undergo a rigorous moderation process, and the National Moderation Team were hugely impressed by the manner in which schools are continuing to embrace new and innovative approaches to teaching geography. The SGQM recognises student attainment, progress and achievement in geographical knowledge, understanding, values and skills, and sets expectations about the quality of teaching in geography. It promotes effective subject leadership and management, helping subject leaders raise the standard of geography in their schools.

The Geography Curriculum Area’s re-submission in June 2018 for the Secondary Geography Quality Mark (SGQM) was successful which now means that the award will be held for a further three years. Walton High first achieved this status in 2012.

We are so pleased to celebrate the high quality geographical education that we are providing. We have an amazing team of subject specialists across our two campuses who are able to deliver engaging lessons and fieldwork opportunities to help all students to succeed at Walton High. Achieving this award demonstrates successful collaboration between teachers, students and parents. We look forward to creating even more opportunities for students over the course of the academic year.

Year 10 – Hunstanton

  • Year_10__Hunstanton
  • Year_10__Hunstanton2
  • Year_10__Hunstanton3
  • Year_10__Hunstanton4
  • Year_10__Hunstanton5

Year 11 – Regeneration in Birmingham

  • Year_11__Regeneration_in_Birmingham
  • Year_11__Regeneration_in_Birmingham2

Year 12 Residential – Wales

  • year12wales181
  • year12wales182
  • year12wales183

Year 13 ALD – Regeneration in East London

  • Year_13_ALD__Regeneration_in_East_London
  • Year_13_ALD__Regeneration_in_East_London2
  • Year_13_ALD__Regeneration_in_East_London3

Alan Kinder, Geographical Association Chief Executive, says:

‘There has never been a more important time for all children and young people to study geography. Growing up in the 21st century means living in an increasingly interconnected world, one facing a growing number of global challenges such as climate change and the need to live our lives sustainably. Geography not only fascinates and inspires young people, it provides them with the knowledge and understanding they need to live in the modern world. Geography is, as we say in the GA’s Manifesto, ‘fundamental to everyone’ and I am delighted that a growing number of secondary schools are teaching their students to fully engage with the subject.’

Further information about the award can be accessed at:

Mr Chris Watson (Subject Leader for Geography at Walnut Tree Campus)

Mrs Kay Tracy (Assistant Subject Leader for Geography at Brooklands Campus)

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