Students at both campuses had an exciting and inspiring day on the first of our ALDs this year.

Year 7 students took part the ‘500 Words’ activity run by the English department. This is part of a nationwide competition being run by Radio 2 that students can submit their entry to.
The day was designed to inspire writing about a topic of the students’ choice. Some highlights from the day included stories from space, a fire who kept getting into trouble and a mystery in the woods! Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of positive feedback!

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  • ald10
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Cholris- “I liked today because we got to experience writing and learn all different parts of making a story. You really should never judge a book by its cover!”

Finley- “Today is a good day to think about books in new ways. Writing about something we really enjoy has been great!”

A number of Year 8 students went on trips to the Space Centre and The Computing Museum. Other students in that year took part in a careers day, where they met with a variety of employers from different industries.

Year 11 students had a taste of what Post-16 studies are like at Walton High.

Students involved in the upcoming productions of Othello and Matilda showed fantastic dedication by putting in extra rehearsal time.

There were many other unique experiences going on and further pictures will follow!

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