bankofenglandald11819On 16 October for our ALD, Year 12 and 13 Economics students travelled to London to visit the London School of Economics (LSE) and Bank of England.   Visiting the LSE, students discovered the courses on offer and got a taste of what university life is like. They were given a tour of the small city campus by two undergraduate students, exploring the outstanding facilities available at a world renowned university.

bankofenglandald118192After the visit to the LSE, our students proceeded to the Bank of England Museum where they learnt about the history of the Bank and its role in the macroeconomy. A presentation was delivered to them from a Bank official, providing insights into central bank's responsibilities, history and monetary policy as well as its gold reserves. Year 13 economics student Adam commented “we had a fantastic day learning more about the central bank, monetary policy and the history of the Bank of England as well as potential degree courses in the Social Sciences and the LSE. Thank you to Mr Wright for organising such a great ALD!”

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