Tegan1Walton High’s second competition took the Equestrian Team to Addington Manor, a very impressive equestrian centre just outside Milton Keynes with amazing facilities in a beautiful setting, made even lovelier by the sunny day.

Competing for the school were Jasmin riding Blue Moon, Lola riding Beechwood, Savannah riding Abigail Van T Leeuwirkenhof and Tegan riding Four Socks.

The first class started at 9am so it was another early start for the team! First to ride were Lola and Tegan in the 40cm class, with both riders and ponies itching to get started. This was Lola’s first show jumping competition away from home and only the second time for Tegan. Both Lola and Tegan were very nervous but took it in their stride and rode clear rounds. Lola’s aptitude paid off as she won the class with a First Place rosette, which qualified her for the Inter-School Regional Grassroots Championships 2018! Lola also won the trophy for Style, an award given by the judges to the combination that really caught their eye on the day.

Next up, Lola, Tegan and Savannah all competed in the 50cm class. Lola rode well but had trouble with the two added jumps and was eliminated after three refusals. Tegan went on to ride a confident, brilliant round with just four faults. After a clear 50cm, Savannah went on to compete in the 60cm, achieving two clear rounds in her first competition on new project Abi.

Jasmin1Following a break for horses and riders, it was Jasmin’s turn. Jasmin competed in Dressage, riding the Prelim 12 test. It was amazing to watch as all the moves for the Dressage test have to be memorised, with transitions from walk to trot to canter, turning circles and other intricate moves, with scores given for each move. Jasmin wowed everyone with her calm demeanour and was placed fourth in a class of 32, a fantastic achievement!

To finish the day Jasmin and Moon jumped a lovely 70cm fluid clear round amid stiff competition.

The Walton High team had a lovely day out (despite the lunchtime downpour,) reminding us that sometimes you have a good round and sometimes you don’t, but the fun is all about going out and giving your best. As you can see from the photographs #waltonjumphigh gave it their all!

These competitions are a team effort and we couldn’t do it without the support of family and friends. It makes a huge difference to have someone cheer you on, so well done to everyone who took part and also those that supported the riders and transported the horses. The Walton High Equestrian Team have made a brilliant start to the season! We would love to see the team grow and invite all horse riding students to get in touch with Mr Harrison to represent Walton High at the NSEA!

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