At Walton High we like to take pride in the students who go above and beyond with extracurricular activities, in particular those working towards helping the local community and environment. Grace Spicer (Year 12) is exceptional in this respect and has been taking part in various schemes around Milton Keynes in addition to studying at Post 16.

We asked Grace to elaborate on what she has been up to:

‘As well as studying, I also participate in several activities outside of school. I am proudly a member of the Parks Trust Youth Rangers and the Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet’

outdoorlearninggracespen.fwYouth Rangers

‘The Youth Rangers are a group that meet every month to participate in a variety of outdoor activities that help the environment, such as landscaping and community events as well as conservation, surveying and animal care tasks.  The Youth Rangers have also received the ‘Environmental Awareness and Action Award’ in November 2018 for learning outside the classroom. After winning the award, we were invited to speak on BBC Three Counties Radio!’

Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet (MK YCAB)

‘The Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet, known as YCAB is a group of 36 young people aged 11-18 who want to make a difference to their community. We take action and campaign together to try and bring about change for young people in Milton Keynes. We also work with schools and run events for the public to ensure that all young people’s voices are heard. We meet once a month to discuss ideas and work on campaigns. You gain valuable skills such as public speaking, organization and events planning.’

‘In the past term YCAB have campaigned on the All-In-One card, YCAB created those, it lets young people aged 19 and under get on buses in Milton Keynes for just £1.00! This year we campaigned to make it a card you can use to get discounts at different places such as a variety of gyms and cafes, such as Costa coffee. We also run free workshops teaching young people life skills such as finance, cooking, cultural awareness, first aid and DIY.’

bigdebategraces.fw‘The Big Debate was an event run by YCAB at the DoubleTree Hotel conference rooms on 12th October 2018,  several schools were mixed and placed into teams run by YCAB members. They then listened to decision-makers in Milton Keynes about their future campaigns for the city and asked them questions, giving them their opinion on the idea. The event was a real success, and I hope that the young people’s voices will make change happen.’

Make Your Mark:

‘Make Your Mark is a national school vote run by the UK Youth Parliament. The vote asks young people in schools what they would like Parliament to campaign on. To engage Walton High in the vote I led several school assemblies at the Walnut Tree campus for years 7 and 8. Walton High achieved the highest amounts of student votes of all schools in MK which was amazing, thank you to everyone who voted!’


takeoverdaygrace.fwMK Council Takeover Day 2018:

‘Takeover Day is a competition run by MK Council where young people aged 11-18 have the chance to win a day working with a decision-maker in Milton Keynes. I won the competition! On the 16th November, I met up with the head of the domestic abuse charity MK ACT. I spent some time around their head offices, helplines and departments, then went to meet the NHS Safeguarding Team at Milton Keynes Hospital. I attended a women's Leaders Lunch and then watched a presentation about the economic future of Milton Keynes by the head of NatWest. Afterwards I went back to MK Council civic offices where I got to sit in the mayor's office and meet the mayor, the local MP, the head of police and the head of Milton Keynes Council along with all of the other winners.’

‘I hope that students reading this are inspired to get out there and work within their local community to make a difference, as it’s a really interesting thing to do and I am so proud to be doing it.’

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