On Friday 29 March, Walton High shared the magic of reading with a 24hour Readathon at both Brooklands and Walnut Tree.  The event not only included non-stop reading of the Harry Potter series, but also offered students an opportunity to engage in some wizarding fun, completing an array of activities from Herbology classes to Divination, designing new socks for Dobby or practising their own patronus.  Our libraries were magically transformed with the reading chairs taking pride of place for the event.

In the evening at Brooklands our students,  with their wands at the ready, continued the challenge until 8.30am on Saturday.  They successfully worked in groups to ensure that we made it through the 24 hours.  Students also had the opportunity to decorate their own Harry Potter themed cupcake or complete a wizarding quiz.  The witches and wizards survived the night shift and there certainly was a magical reading buzz throughout and into the witching hours of the morning!

Thanks to all students and staff who contributed to this fantastic event!

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