78672180 531042630811208 7822592681174892544 oWhat a debate the students had with Hannah O’ Neil – Labour, Ben Everitt – Conservative, Stephen Fulton – Independent, Saleyha Ahsan – Liberal Democrat and Alan Francis – Green Party. Questions were put to the candidates by the students, asking very topical and relevant questions such as; scrapping tuition fees which the majority of the candidates were in agreement with. How would they propose to fund university? As there is an increase in suicides and mental health issues among young people, and what measures are the parties looking to put in place to tackle this? Why are one in five teachers and nurses leaving their profession? Why are we spending pointless money in knocking down The Point, when more could be done for the homeless?
A relevant topic was hit upon with regards to knife and gang culture and hate crimes.
The majority of the audience and some of the candidates had never been to a Hustings, but what an interesting afternoon for all involved with very varied answers to the questions put forward to the candidates from the students.
Students are with Liberal Democrat candidate Saleyha Ahsan

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