Dementia Tour19

On Wednesday 11 December, our Health and Social Care Year 12 students took part in a Virtual Dementia Tour training course at Milton Keynes Professional Development Centre.

The Virtual Dementia Tour was invented 20 years ago in America, it has been medically, and scientifically proven to be the closest that a person with a healthy brain can be given an experience of what dementia might be like. The idea being, by understanding dementia from the person’s point of view, we can improve the way that they are cared for.

The Year 12 students did the school proud and displayed courage, because walking in the shoes of a person with the disease is scary, intimidating, confusing and can make you feel vulnerable. All students said they learnt a lot from the experience and reported that the course was both useful and informative.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the lady at Milton Keynes Council for helping me to arrange the trip and I would like to thank the company Training2Care.

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