AWS 2Year 8 students have had an amazing start to the year by taking part in the AWS Women in Technology app competition. They were invited to participate in an inter-school app-building competition to solve a real issue faced by their school or community, with the winning idea built, maintained by AWS but free to download by all users. It is important to encourage more females to consider a career in technology as sadly, only 17% of the people working in technology are women - and this competition has helped towards this.

Students have attended assemblies at both campuses with a female guest speaker from one of the Just Eat, a leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery. The aim was to get students to be creative, innovative, and diverse and thinking of ideas towards developing a great app idea to help tackle local issues in our community.

AWS 13Students planned in tutor groups during their PSHE-careers sessions and representatives from some of the groups were selected from both campuses for the boot camp session.

Students had this to say about the competition:

“This was an experience I took very seriously. It was great being able to see how to design an app and what people working for Amazon do. We are now working on an app to present to the ambassador”- Holly Sargent

“My experience of my time taking part in this event and at AWS has been one I will never forget. I even got to see the “Alexa wall”. I learned how to create flowcharts and was able to design my own. Many of the other schools had ideas of apps such as ours, but all sounded excellent. I hope I can carry on this journey and show our improved app to Amazon”- Elizabeth Reynolds

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Students have been regularly attending enrichment sessions and improving their app ideas while awaiting the next visit from the AWS ambassador before submitting their final entry. They are all aiming to be in the final round of the competition and will hopefully achieve their aim. We wish them all the best.

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