The Year 12 Enrichment Fair certainly ended the most amazing Induction day with a fantastic buzz. Once again there were many stalls offering a vast variety of Enrichment activities, building on what was offered on our previous programme. Some of the new opportunities included: Microsoft Technology Associate, Cooking at University, Be a Great Scientist and Golden Time.

The Post 16 Enrichment programme at Walton High offers Year 12 & 13 a chance to develop a wide range of skills and talents that compliment students' learning studies and provide that 'little extra' when applying for work or further education.

Enrichment activities are looked on favourably by employers; universities recognise they show dedication and often allow students to focus on developing skills that are not always touched on during academic studies.

We believe that by offering an exciting range of enrichment activities the students' whole experience at Walton High will be that much more rewarding and directly relate to skills required in real world situations.

Post 16 Enrichment Team