oncemagic2The worldwide bestselling author-illustrator Cressida Cowell (creator of the How to Train Your Dragon series) flew in to Walton High last month to launch her latest title The Wizards of Once
Year 7, The Big Read competition winners and students in Years 5 and 6 at New Chapter and Heronsgate were lucky enough to attend a presentation where Cressida shared her top tips on becoming an author-illustrator and spoke about the inspiration for her award winning writing.  
How to Train Your Dragon has sold over 8 million books worldwide in 38 languages. It is an award-winning DreamWorks film series and we were fortunate enough to hear Cressida reveal behind-the-scenes details about how her books became such popular films.  
As well as some very famous fans, Cressida can now count students at Walton High amongst the many readers who are absolutely spellbound by her writing! 
‘Cressida Cowell’s dragon books … are so good and funny.’J K Rowling in The New York Time

‘The best children's books make the world magical. As every child looks for Narnia in the back of a wardrobe, so I hope that, for years to come, children will see dragons all around them…. It's a triumph.’ - The Daily Telegraph

oncemagic1‘This series is one of the greatest ever written for those between eight and 12.’ - The New Statesman

‘When Cressida Cowell came in last week I was so excited that I couldn’t stop talking about the visit all day. When I went home I was inspired so I started to write my own How to Train Your Dragon book.  Meeting her was the best time of my life!’ – Rhianna, Year 7
‘An inspiration to all. A boost to read and write and a great author to meet.’ – Layla, Year 7
‘Part of my prize as a Big Read competition winner was the chance to meet Cressida Cowell and have my photo taken with her! It was really interesting to find out how she gets her amazing ideas for her series of books – and a great experience to be a part of.’ – Amba, Year 9

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