YR12 student, Ethan, has returned justifiably very happy from Prague, Czech Republic, where he represented England at the U17 2017 Badminton European Championships.

He won Silver in the Men’s Doubles and Bronze in the Team Event.

Ethan can be seen on court with his doubles partner and on the podium (second from left).

The success in the Men’s Doubles was particularly exciting, as it was not expected. He and his doubles partner were not seeded and far exceeded all expectations, by beating the 2th, 3th, 4th, 5th and 8th seeds before they eventually lost to France in the final.

This was Ethan’s first ever European Championships, which are held bi-annually. It is likely that in future, he will concentrate his focus on the Doubles game, as that is where his strengths lie.

There will now follow a period of training before major competitions start again in the spring of the new year.

Well done Ethan.

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