Congratulations to Yurara in Year 9 who performed yesterday with members of The National Youth Girls’ Choir at the ‘Law Breakers to Law Makers’ conference in Westminster, hosted by the Government Equalities Office.

The event was part of a wider day of events and celebrations commemorating the centenary of the Qualification of Women Act, which enabled women to stand for election as MPs for the first time.

A big well done to Yurara!

collagenseaOn Saturday 17 November, Lola on Beechwood went solo representing Walton High at the NSEA Grassroots Regional Championships!

The arena was huge and the course not easy, but after some initial challenges in the warm up, the pair went on to ride a lovely clear round in the 40cm class, placing 8th in a class of 33 riders!

A super experience for Lola who, six months ago, just started riding off the lead-rein and only began jumping in the summer. A great example of what can be achieved with perseverance, determination and giving your best. Well done Lola!

Two of our students Eilidh and Elizabeth participated in the Parliamentary Debate semi-final on Friday 16 November.

The debate was- The rise of 21st Century populism marks the end of 20th Century globalism.

Shenley Brook End School argued in support of the motion that nationalism is the new norm.

Eilidh and Elizabeth for Walton High argued against the motion and that globalism is here to stay.

St. Paul's Catholic School argued against the motion but that regionalism is replacing globalism

The debate was won by Shenley Brook End School but the quality of debate was considered to be Masters level and our students did outstandingly well. A big well done!

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