6novet1The Walton High Equestrian Team had their first outing recently. They competed in the NSEA Eventers Challenge run by Beachborough School, which consisted of a combination of Show jumping and Cross Country courses.

The destination was Aston-Le-Walls Event Centre near Brackley, meaning an extremely early start for our #waltonjumphigh team! Our riders Jasmin, Grace, Tegan and Lola were at Bryerley Springs by 5.30am to fetch their horses from the fields and get them ready for the journey. By the time they left the girls were as soggy as the horses but excited about the day ahead. With their Walton High hat silks, saddle pads and hoodies (kindly prepared by Jenny Cruickshank) they looked fabulous representing the school.

Horses, riders and parents were on the road by 6.30am and after the hour long journey the horses were unloaded. The riders made sure that horses Roxy, Knockawuddy Buddy, Beechwood and Four Socks were protected from the weather with some hay to nibble on, whilst getting soaking wet (again) themselves.

6novet6First to ride the challenging course were Grace and Jasmin, who both showed great determination in attempting a course this demanding. Judging was strict; both riders found the course tricky and so did the horses. With two knock downs in the Show jumping but a clear round in Cross Country and with a time of 2.49 (just one second off the optimum time) Jasmin secured 17th place in a class of 33.

Grace’s clear round in Show jumping and just 20 faults in Cross Country earned her a very respectable 19th out of 32.

Tegan and Lola both rode the 40cm course, which was held entirely on grass. This was the first time the girls had even seen a course this large and open, with the wet ground conditions adding an extra challenge. They had both only competed once before and so we are extremely proud that they completed the course and truly earned their ribbons!

This was an excellent confidence building day for all our riders, they knew the competition would be tough, however all four showed great perseverance, kept cheerful and put in an amazing effort all day, despite the constant rain. Way to go Team Walton High!


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worktreeald6‘Inspiring students to reach new heights’

This year Walton High have been absolutely delighted to welcome the Employability charity Work Tree into the school again to take part in our Careers programme. Work Tree visited as part of our highly successful YR 8 Careers Day and delivered a fantastic ‘Careers Work Out’ session. Students met and networked with 50 guests from a range of employers, where they learnt about numerous different careers. Through conversations with the employer guests, students were able ask them about the work they do, and what inspires and motivates them in their working lives. Participation and engagement in the session was fantastic, with students, staff and guest employers speaking incredibly positively of the experience. Matthew Mason, Careers Adviser at Walton High said:worktreeald5

“I have been absolutely delighted once again with the ‘Career Workout’ session delivered by Work Tree and would like to thank both the excellent Work Tree staff and all the employer guests who so generously volunteered their time from their busy jobs, for the benefit of our students. It really is greatly appreciated.”

Employers and Organisations who have visited the school as part of the sessions have included, Santander, NHS, legal firm Denton’s, Network Rail, Ringway Jacobs, Nissan, British Army, Inspire Change, Nifty Lift, Virgin Media, Amnesty International, Parks Trust and Barclays Bank to name just a few.

Our Employer guests have been extremely positive about their experience of visiting Walton High and had this to say:

“I really enjoyed interacting with the young people and finding out about their interests and aspirations.’’

“I really liked the enthusiasm and politeness of the students.’’

“Very interesting to do this with a different year group and see different concerns at different ages.”

“Talking about my job and what I do made me remember why I chose this career.”

“The students were very engaging and interested.”

“I really liked how interested the students were in the world of work.”

We are really looking forward to working with Work Tree again soon.   

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