For the month of May, the Brooklands library was decorated in French theme in preparation for our France cultural event. On Wednesday 22nd May, there was an after school event held at Brooklands library called French Fest. Mr Rossi ran the event, giving an informative talk about France and showing the students some entertaining videos including ‘American kids try French food’. In addition students could undertake various activities including, a make your own French man craft, find-a-word sheets and an anagram puzzle. Students could also enter the ‘France map labelling’ competition which was held until the end of that week.

To further celebrate the day, Cucina sold French food at Break time.

The students who attended had an enjoyable time and their knowledge and understanding of another country was broadened.

Last year 12 Post-16 student completed the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award expedition – a challenging but stunning four day, 70km route through the Lake District. On Monday 13 May, five of those students collected their Gold Awards from Buckingham Palace having also completed 120 hours of volunteering, physical activity and developing skills. Congratulations to them all and we hope that their experiences benefit them Post-Walton High!

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year13awardwinnerThe Fred Roche Travel and Study Awards consist of three £500 awards to support those studying or looking to study horticulture, landscape design, architecture, urban design or arboriculture. Vanessa Gurung was successful in winning one of the awards and this now gives her an opportunity to broaden her subject knowledge through travel, either in the UK or abroad during the summer holiday.

Vanessa said: I want to study architecture, hopefully in Newcastle University. Architecture involves studying past structures to inspire and build new ones. Therefore, learning by travelling is an important aspect in architecture, as different ideas can be seen through structures in different countries. I have decided to spend my prize learning about architecture in Italy, as their different culture and history is reflected through their structures. It will give me a good foundation for my first year at university.

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