February 2013

Over 75 parents and a handful of students from both Years 7and 8 joined us to share their views on our curriculum offer at Key Stage 4.
Like their children who had been surveyed earlier, an overwhelming percentage of the parents liked the range of subjects on offer telling us that the both the number and range is good and that the different science pathways especially provide good flexibility.  Amongst the suggestions made were that we might consider offering GCSE PE and that consideration should be given to Philosophy as a non-examined subject.

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After two terms of the new school reward system, ‘epraise’ celebration and reward assemblies were held for all four Houses in April 2013. The assemblies were led by the outgoing Chairperson of the Student Executive Tommy Scudamore who gave an entertaining insight into the work of the Student Voice and Student Executive so far this year.

Congratulations to the 448 students who received the Bronze award (50+ points), 33 students who received the Silver award (100+ points) and the four students who received the Gold award  (150+ points)  epraise certificates during these assemblies.  This is not forgetting the amazing achievement of the one  Air house student who received their Sapphire award (200+ points).

Well done to Water House who are currently leading in the race to win the first year of the epraise Inter-house Cup and WRM who are currently at the top of the Tutor Group epraise league.

Students are able to use their epraise points in the on-line epraise shop or donate their points to their House Charity.  Earth House currently is the most philanthropic House with the largest number of donations to their chosen charity, the RSPCA.

The winners of the Interhouse epraise Cup, Tutor group epraise League and individual epraise student winner  of the year  will be announced in the end of term House Celebration assemblies in July. 

Year 11 Textile students have been working extremely hard this term to complete their final products.
The students have produced some extremely technical and demanding products showing great creativity. They have worked from their own designs and through testing and modelling have created very individual pieces. Students have made dresses, tops, cushions and bags with care taken on the accuracy and detail. Their work will be exhibited at 'Arts on  Summer's Evening' in the summer term. We have been very impressed with their dedication and to high standard achieved this year.

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