IMG 9234February 10 – 14 saw the students and staff of Walton High and The Venue, led by Mr Upton, present their most ambitious show to date.  The audience was transported to medieval Paris and experienced love, self-belief and the power of true friendship from the beautiful setting of Notre Dame Cathedral to the depths and degradations of the Court of Miracles.  As always, there were a number of firsts for this show: the performers learnt how to use a revolving stage to great effect, Paris REALLY did burn as yet another special effect (fire!) was introduced to considerable audience impact and the set, flying, costumes and makeup reached yet another level of professionalism.

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From September 2014 you will be starting your KS4 courses; the next three years will be very important in your school life. To plan appropriately for this exciting stage, please read through the online Key Stage 4 booklet. Make sure you take every opportunity to raise questions and discuss ideas with your parents and teachers.

Join Walton High Programming Club, every Thursday after school. By learning to program, you can have a say in how software shapes our world. Plus, programming teaches important reasoning, logic, and communication skills. Click here to find all the resources that will be used at the club's sessions.

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