Pic 4In April four Year 13 students visited Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland as part of a project run by the Holocaust Education Trust. The project entitled Lessons From Auschwitz aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust amongst young people to highlight the atrocities that racism and prejudice can lead to.
Having studied the rise of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust as part of their A2 History coursework, the students Simon Healey, Alex Sidwell, Megan Watson and Gemma White were provided with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of the event through a visit to one of the largest and most infamous Nazi concentration camps. When asked about their experiences, they found it difficult to explain their reaction to such a sensitive topic but Gemma said

being able to see sites such as Auschwitz is something that will stay with me forever. I understand how the Holocaust impacted upon individuals on a personal level

Both before and following the trip to Auschwitz, the students attended two seminars in London which prepared them by hearing a talk from a Holocaust survivor and provided an opportunity to reflect upon their visit. The experience of participating in this project is one that will most definitely stay with them in the future, which is particularly the case for Simon, Alex and Megan as they will continue their study of History at University.

The year 12’s have been working hard all year on manufacturing products to fulfil their brief “ a combination of traditional and modern design and making” they have produced some fantastic looking pieces and these will be exhibited in the ADT summer show on July 17th.

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