Our trip to the council

The perfect representative
20151112 125403The first thing we talked about was what made the perfect representative and for the duration of this we were working with a few students from Oakgrove School. We had to create our ideal representative and then present it to the other groups. To create this person we had to write values and things we are looking for.
These were things:

  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Creative
  • Good listener

Meet the Mayor!
We got the chance to meet the Mayor and we had a discussion about what he does and what he thinks is important to Milton Keynes. He also mentioned how he would like to improve MK.
The Young People’s Charter
20151112 125714Then, we had a look at the new and improved Young People’s Charter which states 6 promises that the council plan to give to all the children and teenagers of MK.
Big issues
Finally we did the same thing for the representative but instead of doing it for a person this was for the big issues. During this we went in groups and filled out a sheet about how we can try and resolve these issues and who we would need to speak to.
The big issues we talked about were:

  • Bullying
  • Behaviour
  • Lunch queues and services
  • Life skills

20151112 133007All in all, the students had an interesting and thought-provoking day. Each student felt empowered to return to school and start working towards helping Walton High be the best it can possibly be. They worked hard all day and were a real credit to us.
(In attendance; Callum Barnes, Toby Poyner, Niamh Long, Sophie Arnull, Michael Lee, Lauren Hansard, Levena Soloman, Jamilia Kwajah-Elimah, Cornelius Irungu, Kevin Mwakona, Kamal Amoako, Isobel Blake-Hurworth, Lisa Melo Konrad, Jake Daley, Will Cameron, Josh Hassall, Toba Odumosu, Vivek Bilous)
Miss McLean


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