Walton High opened in September 1999 with 120 Year 8 students on its Walnut Tree campus.  Since then it has grown year-on-year to become one of Milton Keynes' most successful and popular schools.  It has been a privilege to be part of the school’s history.

From its very beginning the school’s educational ethos has been rooted in the belief that an excellent education ignites a lifelong desire for learning; that it not only provides a young person with the skills and attributes needed to make a living and contribute positively to society, but also enables them to live happy and fulfilled lives.

In November 2016 the school entered the next phase of its development with the opening of its Brooklands Campus.  By 2022 both campuses will have approximately 1500 students on roll, including Post-16.

At the heart of everything the school does are its aims


Throughout our teaching careers we have believed passionately in providing a well-ordered learning environment for all children.  Against a background of clear discipline and a focus on learning, success will surely follow. 

Between us we have worked in many different types of schools.  We know that good schools make a real difference.  What happens in classrooms matters.  Equally, how parents support their children's learning is profoundly important.

As Executive Principal and Principal of Walton High, our key task is to ensure, at all times, that our staff offer strong professional leadership, with high expectations of our students.  We know that learning is fundamental in our lives.

Please talk to our staff, students and their parents to find out what they say about Walton High. 

We welcome students and their families who are committed to the values and standards we hold to be important in a good education.  

Walton High is a school at which staff and parents are rightly proud of the achievements of our children and young people.


Michelle Currie

Sharon Alexander


Executive Principal






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