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The Performing Arts make a major contribution to Walton High’s enriched curriculum inside and outside the classroom environment. Inside the classroom the Key Stage 3 Music and Drama programmes have been developed in-house and follow a half termly modular approach with performance skills and individual creativity integral to the units. At KS4 students have chosen to study a BTEC First Award in Performing Arts or Creative Media Production, GCSE Dance, Drama or Music. There is also healthy interest in the Performing Arts at Post 16 with Music Technology being an additional subject offered in addition to our KS4 subject specialisms. We have developed well-attended lunchtime and after school dance, media, drama and music clubs which regularly perform at local events throughout the year. We also have an excellent and longstanding reputation for providing first class entertainment with school concerts, plays and musical theatre. All of this is achieved with industry leading resources including a state of the art 380 seat theatre with full fly system, 2 fully equipped drama studios and Media suites, a dedicated ICT room in the Performing Arts curriculum area and a professional recording studio.

Key Stage 3

Students will study performance, composition and listening skills through a variety of topics. In Year 7, Rock and Roll, Rhythms around the world, Instruments of the Orchestra, Performing as a soloist, Film Music. In Year 8 students study Ground Bass, a 12 Bar Blues, World Music, Composing to a brief and Performing as an ensemble, linked to Band ensemble work)
KS3 Drama encourages the development and application of student imagination, communication and creativity whilst assessing progress in the three essential areas of making, performing and responding in Drama.
In Year 7 students study Dramatic techniques, Use of Voice and Our Day Out by Willy Russell. In Year 8, students build on this knowledge through Devising, Trestle Theatre, Developing a Scripted Performance and Comedy.

Key Stage 4

Performing Arts – BTEC L2

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This course provides a broad-based approach to the three disciplines of the performing arts to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills within dance, drama and music. The vocational context of the qualification is key to effective delivery, and this is provided through project briefs and assignments.

Music GCSE AQA 4270

Students continue to study Performing Composing and Listening
Students will perform one solo and one ensemble, they will compose 2 pieces of music using Music Technology all under controlled conditions and they will complete a listening test at the end of the course.

Creative Digital Media Production – BTEC L2

The aim of this focused vocational qualification is to prepare you to take an active part in this dynamic, cutting edge, world-wide industry. It will emphasise the knowledge and practical skills which will enable you to understand, create and evaluate a range of types of media. As a vocational qualification it is important that you not only gain the technical skills and knowledge but a clear understanding on the ways of working relevant to the media industry and some appreciation of the culture of the workplace.

Drama -  Edexcel
GCSE Drama is both a practical and creative subject. It is all about understanding what it is like to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. You will play many parts in different imaginary situations. You will have the opportunity to create your own work as well as look at plays written by other people. You will enjoy this course if you enjoy working as part of a team as Drama involves a lot of group work.
As well as acquiring the skills involved in creating and performing Drama, you will also be able to acquire skills in working with others, problem solving and communication. You will find that Drama will help you feel more self-confident and prepare you to deal with a range of different situations and people.
The course is in 3 parts:
In unit one of the course you will use drama to express your feelings and ideas about a range of issues. In unit two of the course you will look at a play to see how a playwright expresses their ideas about a theme or topic and explore ways of making the play work on stage. In unit three of the course you will be involved in the performance of a play from an existing script.

Key Stage 5

Performing Arts BTEC L3
The course was introduced to capitalize on very highly motivated students with a passion for dance, drama and music. It should provide an excellent and broad educational base to enable each student to progress onto either Higher Education/University or employment within the performing arts Industries.
This provides a broad-based approach to the three disciplines of the performing arts to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills within dance, drama and music. The vocational context of the qualification is key to effective delivery, and this is provided through project briefs and assignments with a collective focus on Musical Theatre.

Creative Media Production – BTEC L3
The level 3 BTEC in Creative Media Production focuses on proving vocationally related education and training for those who arte intending to work in the media industries, providing opportunities for learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to the media industries in an applied learning context and giving learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life.

Music A Level- OCR
Students continue to listen, compose and perform. At AS students  learn to listen to a variety of music from the Western Classical tradition and from Jazz, 1920 to 1960 and complete a listening test They complete a 3 minute composition exploring idiomatic writing for instruments  and submit a portfolio of style compositions exploring musical techniques of harmonisation. Performance is a central part of the course and at AS students complete an 8 minute recital on their main instrument, then choose to either perform on a second instrument, perform as an ensemble or improvise upon a given set of notes, rhythms or chords.
At A2, Students compose a film score, submit a portfolio of Bach Chorales, complete a 15 minute recital and complete a listening test based on 20th Century vocal music and 3 Film Scores: Robin Hood 1937, Vertigo (1959) and The Hours (2003).

Music Technology
Students follow a hands on course, utilising the recording studio and operating Cubase software. At AS they complete three tasks as controlled assessment
Task 1A: Sequenced Realised Performance
Task 1B: Multi-track Recording
Task 1C: Creative Sequenced Arrangement.
Students will also submit a logbook that will provide information on the resources used
in each task as well as assessed questions on their creative sequenced arrangement.

At A2 students complete another sequenced realised performance this time with an audio track. They complete another  multi-track recording and create a composition. They complete a listening test, adapting and mixing tracks under exam conditions. They answer extended questions relating to  Music Technology.

The course demands practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure. You will extend your ability to create drama and theatre, through performance. You will also be required to write about drama and to develop your powers of analysis to become an informed critic. The course will involve taking part in drama productions, as well as studying plays and playwrights.
You need to be curious about issues and ideas and have a creative instinct for communicating your views through drama. You may be keen on acting, writing or on the visual and technical side of theatre and wish to develop your skills in some or all of these areas. Equally you will be interested in going to the theatre to see plays performed by different theatre companies.
AS-  Unit 1 – Exploration of Drama and Theatre: 40% of AS marks and 20% of A2 Unit 2 – Theatre Text in Performance: 60% of AS marks and 30% of A2
A2 - Unit 3 – Exploration of Dramatic Performance: 40% of AS marks and 20% of A2 Unit 4 – Theatre Text In Context: 60% of AS marks and 30% of A2

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