Economic Wellbeing

The concept of Economic Wellbeing originates from the Every Child Matters agenda. It encompass careers education, work related learning, enterprise education, financial capability and economic understanding. The new National Curriculum links economic wellbeing and financial capability to the PSHEE (personal, health, social and economics education) framework.


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Why is Economic Wellbeing important?
It is an aspirational concept, aimed at ensuring that all young people achieve their full potential even if they are economically disadvantaged. The position of economic wellbeing and financial capabilities has been strengthened and the new PHSEE programmes of study now offers opportunities to enlighten students as to the nature of business, finance and some key economic concepts.

It includes:

  • Rights and responsibilities at work
  • Different types of businesses
  • Attitudes and values in relation to work and enterprise
  • The local, national, European and global labour market
  • Markets, competition and price
  • Taxation
  • Money management
  • Social and moral dilemmas about the use of money
  • Implications of the world as a global community.


9781850084426Citizenship Through Work Related Learning & Enterprise
Has been written by a group of Walton High staff. The team of writers involved in this project have all participated in the school's development of KS3/4 PHSE / Citizenship / Enterprise schemes of work and resources. There a 5 themes in the book; each is divided into a series of lessons, with detailed lesson plans and resources. 

Theme 1: Defining Enterprise: What's it all about
Theme 2: Getting involved: How can I become an active citizen of the "third sector"?
Theme 3: What rights do I have as a consumer?
Theme 4: It's a small, small world (globalisation)
Theme 5: What are workers' rights and responsibilities?

Charlotte East, Emma Charlton, Claire Golds, Stephen Powell, Carly Shadis & Julie Mickleburgh
* Publisher: Folens Publishers
* ISBN-13: 9781850084426

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