Sports Fixture Results

heslopOscarsportingOscar was accepted for a place in the British Cycling Under 16 Cyclocross National Championships in Shrewsbury recently. If you've never seen a cyclocross race imagine maximum heart rate for up to 45 minutes split between running and riding. It sounds silly but the objective is to finish as high up as possible, even if you break your bike you pick it up and run to the finish. 

On 11 January Oscar Heslop raced in the National Cyclo-cross Championship. A flying start was quickly derailed as a poor bike change would drop Oscar down to near the back of the field and he would not recover from where he was stuck. The course was very technical with adverse cambers and staggered steps. However Oscar continued to ride, not allowing his poor bike change to hamper his race. He would catch someone on the steps who had a mechanical and eventually in the last half lap would catch and drop two people. Oscar finished 82 out of 97 starters.

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