Our Aims

Our school council aims to:

  1. Represent the views of all students in our school
  2. Participate in real decision making
  3. Provide opportunities for students to develop skills and confidence
  4. Introduce and develop initiatives which promote ‘Student Voice’
  5. Communicate our work clearly to students, staff, governors and the wider school community E.g. meetings, Student Voice twitter, Student Voice website, email address, notice board, radio.
  6. Work with staff and students to improve the quality of relationships, teaching and learning, environment. e.g. students as learning partners, students as researchers, peer mentors.

Our Mission Statement

Our main purpose is to ENHANCE the quality of life at Walton High from a student perspective. We hope to ensure that STUDENTS’ OPINIONS are considered in the day to day administration and FUTURE plans of the School as well as lead events across the school




Current topics the Student Voice team are working on:

• MK Youth Parliament Elections
• Recruitment
• House Captains
• School Website
• ‘The Walton Eye’ school newspaper
• Fundraising
• Mr Baxter’s Bullying assembly


Meet the Student Voice Team

Hi, I’m Enya and I am the founder and editor of Walton Eye. I joined Student Voice because it coincides well with the development and promotion of the newspaper. Now being part of Student Voice, I would like to help students become more involved in decisions within the school community.

Blessing Abiola and Jamilia Kwajah-Ellimah joined Student Voice with a vision and an empowering dream to project the voices of all students. Our mission is to educate all students on culture, society and how to develop as a young person in the best way possible. We believe that every opinion matters and must be heard. Every student must have the opportunity to make the most out of their education and to make a difference in their time at Walton High. This year we are aiming to make the most out of Student Voice in every possible way.

Hi my name is Amie and I am in year 11 and I joined because it looked like fun and would help with develop my skills in literature. This will also look good on my applications and will help me later on in life.

Hi, my name is Charlie! I’m in year 8. I joined Student Voice because I wanted to experience something I had never tried before.

Hi, my name is Grace! I’m in year 8 and I joined the Student Voice team because I am creative and fun!

My name is Kamal Amoako and I’m a Fire house captain. My personal aim and Student Voice aim is to give students the opportunity to contribute in a school newspaper and to give students the responsibility of the school’s entertainment.

My name is Vivek, I am in Year 7 and I am from Poland, India, Wales and England. I am part of Student Voice and I am Air House Captain. My job in Student Voice is to do the school sports section of the sports article.

Hi, my name is Shannon. I am currently in year 11. I joined the school newspaper to help out my friend Enya and because I am hoping to be a media journalist or an editor; this is would help on various applications.

My name is Erin and I joined Student Voice to try and make a difference in school with events, for example charity events that contribute to the students’ time at Walton High.


The PE Department have the following fixtures currently arranged.

Walnut Tree


Please be aware that changes occur and can happen at very short notice.

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