we1The Student Newspaper ‘Walton Eye’

My name is Enya Savage and I am the founder and editor of Walton Eye.

I decided to create Walton Eye after I was set a task as part of the Brunel University Urban Scholarship Programme. Our task was a presented response to the question ‘You’re given £100 to improve your school. What would you spend this on?’

My idea was to use the money to create a newspaper about events in the school with the main focus of it being written from a student’s perspective.

After competing against teams from other schools on the programme, I was chosen as the winner! I was overjoyed with the result and couldn’t wait to begin production on the newspaper. Three months later and we have a productive team all with great visions of how this newspaper can develop now and into the future.

We hope you enjoy Walton Eye and will support us by providing feedback after each issue, thus allowing us insight as to how we can develop future issues.


Thank you and happy reading!


Enya & the Walton Eye team


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