Nyasha Venge - “I listen to Roddy RICCH (double c) when doing my work and  also Chance the Rapper”

Anonymous has excellent musical taste – listening to songs from musicals such as ‘Waitress’ or ‘Hamilton’

Harry Cerrone is listening to Gospel by Rich Brian, Keith App and xxxtentacion

Plus Yung Bratz by xxtentacion

Run it back Craig Xen and xxxtentacion

American Wasteland by Nascar Aloe

Holocaust by Lil Darkie, Wendigo and Lil Cubensis

Thomas Brown changes his music to match the subject

“I've got a few playlists of my own for my subjects.
I've found that the DOOM soundtrack goes well with History
During Computer Science, Psychology and the Sciences, I listen to EDM
In the Englishes, I listen to midtempo and chiptune
and in Maths and Economics, I listen to midtempo.”

Mr Aston is listening to The Sundays – and KISS FM!

And some students prefer silence “Good afternoon, You asked me about what I listen to when I do my school work, I don't listen to any music and I have my own desk in my room; that's where I normally do my school work.  “   Zumaik Anver

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"Right on the very limits of WiFi, revising in the garden (please note the extension lead keeping all her tech going!)"

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"Quick clear out of all my emails on a Friday evening before switching off for the week."

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