We are Team Fusion (now) and we are a group of year 11 students who are competing in the Young Enterprise competition. We consist of 16 members and are working incredibly hard to make the business a success. Our original aim was to build a product that was needed in the community through a social enterprise; that is a business that didn’t just make money but one which benefitted the community too.

To try and ensure that our idea was what the community wanted, we had a stand at the Walton High Open Day and asked parents and children alike for any ideas they had. It was here that we met Sarah Spicer from Milton Keynes Council who offered to work with us on solving a problem that they had; an offer which we graciously accepted! The problem proved to be close to our aim as the issue we are trying to solve is a lack of education around recycling within secondary education while helping schools to increase the amount that they recycle.

After this we spent a long time coming up with ideas which we pitched to Sarah and two of her colleagues. They took this well and informed us that they would be interested in securing us some funding which could be used so as to design solutions to these problems. After this we then had the pleasure of attending the Dragons Den event hosted by MKSC Young Enterprise and successfully secured £35 worth of funding towards our idea.

This is our story so far; having been a group for only 4 or 5 weeks we have made tremendous progress. And from this point onwards you will be able to see all of our updates ether on this website or on our social media; on Twitter you can find us at WH Young Enterprise, while on Facebook we are YE_Fusion.



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